Alaska Probate Law and Estate Administration

Alaska Probate Law and Es…

Anchorage Probate Attorney Curtis Patteson: Clear Guidance and Determined Representation for Personal Representatives and Heirs

When a family member passes away, the individual named as the personal representative for the estate shoulders important practical burdens along with emotional ones. Navigating all the steps required for estate administration is an intimidating prospect, even for the sharpest and best educated nonlawyers. Conflict within your family, creditor claims and other issues must be addressed promptly and effectively.

Clients who turn to me for probate matters and estate administration benefit from genuine sensitivity and compassion along with legal skills honed over more than a decade. My discipline and detail focus are critical assets for anyone tasked with settling a substantial estate near Anchorage, or elsewhere in Alaska. When inheritance disputes and high-value creditor claims factor into the equation, I am staunchly determined to settle them via the path that best protects my clients' financial interests and futures.

I will hear you out and provide honest, forthright advice if you are, for example:

  • A personal representative (sometimes called an "executor") in need of complete estate administration services focused on satisfying all legal requirements as efficiently as possible and protecting you from personal liability.
  • A grieving family member who suspects undue influence over the deceased person, other wrongdoing or bias that threatens to deprive you of your full, rightful inheritance.

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