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Anchorage Guardianship and Conservatorship Attorney Curtis Patteson

Guardianship and conservatorship are legal phenomena that have to do with taking care of a person who cannot take care of himself or herself. There are specific procedures involved in securing guardianship or conservatorship, with special court orders that may require the help of an experienced lawyer.

As an attorney, I provide legal services that enable families to make sure important needs are provided for when a loved one becomes disabled or incapacitated. I can help file the appropriate petitions and negotiate arrangements in cases where guardianship and conservatorship are contested, and, if necessary, litigate them in court.

Based in Anchorage, I assist with guardianships and conservatorships throughout Alaska. I regularly work with clients in the Mat-Su Valley and Kenai Peninsula, and travel elsewhere in the state when needed.

Guardianship and Conservatorship Defined

Guardianship refers to the day-to-day decision making for another person by a court-appointed guardian. Guardians, who must petition a court and who are accountable to that court, are typically responsible for decisions about where a person will live — whether at home, with relatives or in a nursing facility, for example — and what kind of medical care that person will receive.

Conservatorship refers to the responsibility for another person's estate and financial affairs, including banking and investments, budgeting and payment of bills and taxes. As is the case with guardians, conservators must petition and be appointed to their role by a court, and they are required to give account to that court periodically.

While the majority of guardianship and conservatorship cases among my clients have to do with the care of elderly parents or other family members, some cases involve minors whose parents are deceased or unable to care for them for other reasons.

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