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Anchorage Divorce and Family Law Attorney Curtis Patteson: Protecting the Best Interests of the Family

When you are working through the legal system to resolve a family law concern, it is important to contact an attorney as early as possible. Seeking a family law attorney preemptively often enables families to resolve legal matters before they spiral out of control. An experienced attorney can also help you change an existing custody, visitation, or support order to ensure that your situation stays sustainable and equitable.

If faith is important to you, and you want to follow the biblical standard that says disputes should be resolved outside of court, the sooner you contact me, the better the chance is that alternative dispute resolution is going to work for you. At my firm — the Law Office of Curtis W. Patteson, LLC — I represent clients in Anchorage, throughout the Mat-Su Valley and Kenai Peninsula, and elsewhere in Alaska in family law matters.

Providing a Full Range of Family Law Services

I handle all types of family law matters, including:


I represent clients who are seeking dissolution of their marriage.

Military Divorce

I can help you understand the special considerations of divorce if you or your spouse is or was in the military. This includes retirement and survivability matters (SBP).

Child Custody and Visitation

Alaska courts favor shared custody. I represent clients to help ensure they receive fair time with their children. Please click here for my custody questionnaire. I also assist with modification of custody orders.

Child Support

Child support is based on a statutory equation. If it is completed incorrectly, it is hard to correct. Working with a lawyer can help ensure it is completed correctly the first time. If circumstances have changed since child support was ordered, I can assist with modification of child support orders.

Paternity Suits

I represent men and women who are seeking DNA testing. If a parent is proven, I can also help clients establish visitation or child support.

Division of Marital Property

I work with clients to determine what property each brought into the marriage and what needs to be divided. Please click here for my property questionnaire.

Family Agreement

Many clients know what they would like included, and I can help them draft an agreement that reflects it.

Legal Separation

I work with clients to divide their property before the divorce.

Reconciliation Agreements

If you are getting back together with a former spouse, I can help draft agreements that may keep some of your assets separate.

Domestic Violence

I represent clients who are involved in domestic violence actions and can help you understand the impact Alaska domestic violence law could have on your child custody arrangements.


I represent clients in a wide variety of adoptions including stepparent adoption. This includes contacting the biological parent and terminating their parenting rights.


I am familiar with the Indian Child Welfare Act and the effects it has on adoptions and CINA cases in Alaska.


If you are trying to regain parental rights to your child after the State stepped in, I can help. I represent clients in CINA (Child in Need of Aid) cases.

Modification of Alaska Child Custody, Visitation or Support Orders

If your situation has changed since your original child support, visitation or custody order was created, I may be able to help get your order modified.

When life circumstances change, child custody and child support orders from the past may no longer apply in the present. Particularly when jobs or finances change or when the best interests of children can be better served, these orders need to be legally changed.

Changing Child Custody Orders

As children grow and parents' lives change, custody arrangements may need to be adjusted. I help clients obtain modification of child custody orders due to factors like:

  • Geographic changes in which one parent moves away due to a job change or another issue
  • Developmental changes where children get older and wish to spend more time with a noncustodial parent
  • Problematic remarriage or relationship issues

Changing Child Support Orders

In Alaska, child support payments are generally determined using a formula that takes into account both parents' income, custodial arrangements and expenses for the children. I help clients obtain modification of child support orders due to:

  • Income reductions or job losses for payers of child support
  • Income changes for recipients of child support
  • Changes in custody arrangements, such as in situations where children begin spending more overnights with a noncustodial parent
  • Changes in day care expenses
  • Changes in medical expenses

Request a Consultation About an Alaska Divorce or Family Law Matter

Contact me online or call my Anchorage office at 907-306-9166 to discuss your situation and how I can help.