Reviews of Anchorage, Alaska Attorney Curtis Patteson

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I used to live in Alaska, but moved to Boston and needed help with a probate case. I found Curtis and selected him because of his military background. He was extremely helpful in providing clear advice to me several times over the phone and email regarding the complicated probate process, and ultimately assisted me with some title work to close out probate. It was like I was dealing with a trusted and helpful confident, even though I lived thousands of miles away. THANK YOU Curtis!!

– Dan

Curtis Patteson helped my parents prepare their legal documents and set up a trust. He explained everything with great care and patience. His main concern was that my parents were comfortable with each step. He is a true blessing to our family and finding him was answered prayer!

– Jamie

I hired Mr. Patteson to help me walk through a myriad of questions regarding a complicated estate situation that involved several people with Power of Attorney, a will with two Personal Representatives who were unwilling and unable to accept the P.R. role, and a will that specified the estate be split 10 different ways. Without his expertise, I most certainly would have gotten myself into legal trouble by trying to help the heirs more than I was legally allowed. He made it very clear what I legally could and could not do, and walked me through the process that needs to take place. He answered all of my questions thoroughly. I would highly recommend him. His expertise was worth every penny I paid and more.

– David

We are working on a small estate settlement in Alaska and just needed direction. In a half an hour we had all the information we needed. [It was] like talking to a really smart friend.

– Marvin

I can't say enough good things about Curtis. He was professional, thorough, kind, knowledgeable, and a great human being. In dealing with Curtis, I never felt like a number or insignificant, he was personable and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

– Mark