Mat-Su Attorney For Estate Planning And Asset Protection

Estate planning is about making choices that affect the future. While none of us can control important future events, such as our deaths, we can take steps that will protect our assets and ultimately make things easier for our families.

Good estate planning leaves important decisions about your property in your hands, and it can prevent unnecessary losses and taxes, as well as possible conflicts among your loved ones.

Preparing For Your Future. Protecting The Well-being Of Your Family.

As a lawyer with strong experience in Alaska law, I work with clients to help them decide how their assets will be distributed after their death and determine who will act on their behalf if they become incapacitated. In developing personalized estate strategies that meet my clients' specific needs, I draft and review estate planning documents, including:

When done properly, wills are powerful tools. They offer a chance for you to divide your assets as you see fit and make critical health care decisions now — instead of allowing strangers to do so later. As part of a coordinated estate plan, wills allow you to maintain control of your estate even after your death and make sure that family needs and specific expenses are taken care of.

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Experienced Support In Drafting And Reviewing Wills

In consultation with you and your family, I can help you develop an estate plan that will work for you. Call 888-785-7545 or 907-306-9166 to learn more, or contact the Law Office of Curtis W. Patteson, LLC, online.