Estate Planning For Parties Entering Into A Second Marriage

The more family members you have, the more complicated your estate planning can be. This is especially important to think about when entering into a second or third marriage. In addition to your spouse, you may have stepchildren to think about. In addition to leaving an inheritance to your spouse, in some cases people also choose to leave some inheritance to an ex-spouse. This can be a thorny issue to discuss with all parties, and it only gets thornier when specific numbers are mentioned.

Fortunately, there's no reason for you to sort out these complicated issues on your own — the Law Office of Curtis W. Patteson, LLC, is here to help. I have helped a number of clients with their estate planning after a second marriage, and I am deeply familiar with the issues that can arise in Alaska as well as for anyone with assets here and in other states.

Experienced Estate Planning Advice For Complicated, Modern Families

After remarrying, it is prudent to update your will if you have not done so already. Future updates may be required as your relationship with stepchildren or other family members evolves. Dividing your inheritance between your own children and your stepchildren, as well as between multiple spouses, can be a sore point among your heirs when the will is executed.

We can help you find the words to explain your choices to your family members. And more importantly, we can draft your will, trust and other estate planning instruments in a way that will survive any challenges after your death. Our highest priority is to ensure that your wishes are carried out at the appropriate time.

Speak With A Lawyer About Estate Planning After Multiple Marriages

It is never too early to make a plan for your estate, or to update it after a major life change such as a marriage. For more information, speak with an estate planning attorney at 888-785-7545 (toll free) or 907-306-9166, or reach me by email. My office is located in Anchorage.