The Practice Of Law, A Divine Calling

As a Christian attorney, I believe that the vocation of law is a calling from God. With that calling comes the responsibility of practicing law in a manner consistent with my faith and convictions.

In my Anchorage, Alaska, practice, I represent a broad range of clients and understand that no two situations are exactly the same. However, in all my cases I try to work with my clients in order to not only obtain the most favorable outcome, but also to ensure to the greatest extent possible that the final resolution occurs in a timely manner, and that it will last. It is my commitment to provide creative solutions, responsive service and cost-effective legal representation.

I enjoy helping my clients with their legal issues. I understand that it is difficult to work through the court system in divorce and family law issues. Therefore, it is my goal for both my clients and their children to make it through the process in one piece and get ready to start a new future. Similarly, with my estate planning and probate and estate administration clients I work to make sure they have peace of mind with their end-of-life planning as well as handling their loved ones' estates through the probate process.

I also offer services in Christian mediation, so clients can resolve issues in a way that is consistent with 1 Corinthians 6:1–6 and Matthew 18:15–17. People do have legitimate disagreements and both parties can have very valid reasons for their contentions and claims. The goal of mediation is to facilitate a meeting of the minds, resulting in an agreement based on scriptural principles and the rule of law.

I received my law degree from Regent University School of Law and my Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Prior to entering the practice of law, I served as an artillery officer in the United States Army, and I bring with me a proven reputation of ethical leadership.

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